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the inspection of Smoke Doors

Smoke doors are designed to prevent smoke from a fire spreading throughout a building and causing potential dangers. Under different building codes and regulations, they are required in the construction of buildings and once installed will keep escape routes free of smoke, allowing for the safe evacuation of occupants to take place. 

These specialist doors are crucial in high traffic environments such as schools, hotels, department stores and office buildings. With smoke being a major hazard caused by fire, and often claiming more lives that the fire itself, the inspection of smoke doors to ensure that they are fit for purpose is vital. 

Our team of qualified engineers at EA-RS Passive Fire Protection have experience of working with the latest technology in passive fire protection, and will be able to sync smoke doors with smoke detectors where possible. This means that as soon as the detector goes off, the smoke doors will be automatically activated.

 We understand the importance of safety when it comes to any building, and keeping employees, visitors and the public out of harm’s way is a main priority for any building owner. This is why we take the inspection of smoke doors seriously and leave no door unchecked on our watch. 

We offer a comprehensive smoke door survey and reporting procedure for existing buildings and also provide planning and design packages for new projects to make sure your smoke doors meet the required standards and legal obligations. If you would like to find out more please contact us now.

Our Services Include

  • Fire Stopping Fire Line Compartmentation
  • Fire Protection Installation / Application Design & Specification
  • Fire Stopping Surveys & Maintenance
  • Fire Door Surveys, Install, Refurb, Replacement
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Strategy Design
  • Passive Fire Stopping Seminars & Presentations ‘The Hidden Danger’
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Why Customers Trust Us

  • We had absolutely no idea what fire doors we had fitted in our building, EA-RS Passive Fire Protection completed a full asset and identify areas for improvement.

    - Government Institution -
  • Cables and pipes had compromised our passive fire compartmentation over time, the EA-RS Passive Fire Protection team provided a quick turnaround to survey and protect these areas.

    - Data Centre -
  • We had never looked above our ceiling tiles in the office or considered how a fire could spread so quickly, EA-RS Passive Fire Protection have really helped to open our eyes to the hidden dangers.

    - Commercial Building Owner -

Technical guidance and drawings service to assist at planning stage.


Specification advice to identify the correct product for the risk.


Protecting our historic properties from fire.


Helping residential, commercial and industrial building owners to mitigate their fire risks.


Fully qualified Fire Engineers to help with the your fire strategy requirement and ongoing fire risk assessment needs thoughtout the life cycle of your building.


EA-RS Passive Fire Protection will only ever use a single manufacturer system to create the perfect penetration and linear seal in your building. Ensuring your legal obligations / compliance with certified tested systems.