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What is passive fire Stopping?

Put simply passive fire stopping is the method of reinstating the fire-separating elements of a building such as the walls, floors, or doorways where they have been breached by linear construction gaps or penetrating items such as:

  • pipes
  • combustible pipes
  • cables
  • ducts
  •  vents
  • escape corridors
  • door openings

Tested and certified single manufacturer systems are used to reinstate the elements to stop or slow down the passage of fire, heat, smoke and toxic unseen gasses. This is carried out by offering a stable product to ensure the integrity of the element to achieve its fire performance. 

Passive fire protection products insulate against excessive heat transfer to the unaffected side of the fire separating element; this is to protect against furnishings, wall, or floor coverings from self-combusting.

The closing down of voids left by melting or failing services and air sealing to ensure that smoke and deadly unseen toxic gasses cannot escape to feed the fire further or indeed suffocate and poison the occupants is another strength of passive fire protection. 

Containing a fire is the single most effective way to ensure people have those vital minutes to escape safely without fear of toxic smoke impeding their view and ability to breathe. Passive fire protection also gives you the means to gain vital time to sensibly put out the fire, stop the fire from breaking through into other areas, and give you the ability to reoccupy your building sooner. 

The installation of passive fire-stopping materials is governed by Building Regulations, Approved Document B which specifies standards for fire resistance of walls, floors, doors, and other building elements, and The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (2005). It is important that fire fire-stoppingrials are certified and include supporting documentation as evidence of satisfactory accredited testing.


Fire Stopping Survey

Although fire risk assessments can tell you risks and potentially how to address them, these surveys will not be able to capture the unseen threat above your head or below your feet. A full fire stopping survey of your building can identify these unseen areas of risk and at the same time recommend remedies to ensure you are compliant.


Fire Strategy Engineering

It is usually necessary when designing a building to take into consideration the building use, size, number of occupants, etc and this information should then be used to create a strategy of the building’s construction to achieve the correct fire compartmentation design and layout. EA-RS Passive Fire Protection can assist you with the design of safe buildings.

Your existing buildings also require a usable strategy for the layout of the property to ensure compliance to building and fire regulations. Considerations to take into account within existing buildings to assure compliance, are changes in use and occupancy of areas within your building, as these may render the existing Fire Strategy of your building out of date and not applicable or appropriate.


Fire Stopping Design Service

With a survey or strategy in place, then the design of the correct systems and specification of materials to reinstate the fire separating elements within a building is required. EA-RS Passive Fire Protection will provide you with cost effective fire stopping solutions for your new and existing buildings, taking the pain away of mixed manufacture systems, reduce excessive material use and the need for engineering judgements. Saving contracts time and costs.


Fire Stopping Installation Support

Once the correct strategy has been determined, EA-RS Passive Fire Protection can provide swift expert installation by fully trained operatives. Our team will work closely with you to plan, schedule and complete work in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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