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Fire Door Survey

Fire doors are integral components of a passive fire protection plan as they keep fire or smoke contained to one room or compartment for a certain period of time. While confining the danger to one area, fire doors enable escape routes to remain clear, allowing for a safe evacuation of a building to take place. 

Fire doors are a legal requirement for all non-domestic buildings, such as offices and commercial premises. Article 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that it is recommended to set up a regular planned preventative maintenance programme for completed works. This work would start with a fire door survey to ensure that:

  • The fire doors have been installed correctly
  • The glazing used is fire resistant
  • Each component is working properly

Here at EA-RS Passive Fire Protection our qualified inspectors will be able to carry out a thorough fire door survey. They will establish whether each fire door is safe, compliant with the latest regulations and effective at containing smoke and fire long enough to evacuate a building safely. 

Fire doors are one of the most important elements of a building’s passive fire protection plan as they help reduce the spread of flame and smoke throughout a building. This is why we aim to ensure that your legal obligations are satisfied and future proofed with a comprehensive fire door survey.

We are always here to help with your passive fire protection enquiries and if you require a fire door survey please get in touch today

Our Services Include

  • Fire Stopping Fire Line Compartmentation
  • Fire Protection Installation / Application Design & Specification
  • Fire Stopping Surveys & Maintenance
  • Fire Door Surveys, Install, Refurb, Replacement
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Strategy Design
  • Passive Fire Stopping Seminars & Presentations ‘The Hidden Danger’
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Why Customers Trust Us

  • We had absolutely no idea what fire doors we had fitted in our building, EA-RS Passive Fire Protection completed a full asset and identify areas for improvement.

    - Government Institution -
  • Cables and pipes had compromised our passive fire compartmentation over time, the EA-RS Passive Fire Protection team provided a quick turnaround to survey and protect these areas.

    - Data Centre -
  • We had never looked above our ceiling tiles in the office or considered how a fire could spread so quickly, EA-RS Passive Fire Protection have really helped to open our eyes to the hidden dangers.

    - Commercial Building Owner -

Technical guidance and drawings service to assist at planning stage.


Specification advice to identify the correct product for the risk.


Protecting our historic properties from fire.


Helping residential, commercial and industrial building owners to mitigate their fire risks.


Fully qualified Fire Engineers to help with the your fire strategy requirement and ongoing fire risk assessment needs thoughtout the life cycle of your building.


EA-RS Passive Fire Protection will only ever use a single manufacturer system to create the perfect penetration and linear seal in your building. Ensuring your legal obligations / compliance with certified tested systems.