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What is structural passive fire protection?

Structural passive fire protection is the process of cladding or coating structural steel supporting members within a building to ensure the building can remain in-tact and upstanding in the event of a fire. Structural steel starts to become malleable at around 500°C with its fail point being around 550°C, with fires exceeding 1000°C within minutes after ignition. Products such as boards and sprayed on intumescent fire coatings are the most effective methods available, to ensure the building stays put long enough to be vacated, and if the fire is contained properly and put out, the building can be reoccupied quicker after a fire, saving heartache and loss.

Our Services Include

  • Fire Stopping Fire Line Compartmentation
  • Fire Protection Installation / Application Design & Specification
  • Fire Stopping Surveys & Maintenance
  • Fire Door Surveys, Install, Refurb, Replacement
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Strategy Design
  • Passive Fire Stopping Seminars & Presentations ‘The Hidden Danger’
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Why Customers Trust Us

  • We had absolutely no idea what fire doors we had fitted in our building, EA-RS Passive Fire Protection completed a full asset and identify areas for improvement.

    - Government Institution -
  • Cables and pipes had compromised our passive fire compartmentation over time, the EA-RS Passive Fire Protection team provided a quick turnaround to survey and protect these areas.

    - Data Centre -
  • We had never looked above our ceiling tiles in the office or considered how a fire could spread so quickly, EA-RS Passive Fire Protection have really helped to open our eyes to the hidden dangers.

    - Commercial Building Owner -

Fire Protection Survey

Although fire risk assessments can tell you what risks you have within your building and potentially how to address them, these surveys will not capture if structural steel fire protection has been damaged, which may mean either repair of replacement of the cladding or coating system. Especially when it comes to sprayed on fire protection. These can become damaged over time, thus rendering the system unfit for purpose. In these instances, it is suggested that review of your structural steel protection be carried out. Ensuring the structural stability of your building whilst a fire is raging.


Fire Protection Design Service

Once the structural engineering design of the building has been determined, EA-RS Passive Fire Protection will provide independent advice on the correct products and systems based in terms of area use, speed of application and the most cost-effective solution. EA-RS Passive Fire Protection can help to take the pain away of mixed manufacture systems and prevent excessive material use.


Fire Strategy Engineering

It is usually necessary when designing a building to take into consideration the building use, size, number of occupants, etc and this information should then be used to create a strategy of the building’s construction to achieve the correct fire compartmentation design and layout. EA-RS Passive Fire Protection can assist you with the design of safe buildings.

Your existing buildings also require a usable strategy for the layout of the property to ensure compliance to building and fire regulations. Considerations to take into account within existing buildings to assure compliance, are changes in use and occupancy of areas within your building, as these may render the existing Fire Strategy of your building out of date and not applicable or appropriate.


Fire Protection Installation Support

Once the correct strategy has been determined, EA-RS Passive Fire Protection can provide swift expert installation by fully trained operatives. Our team will work closely with you to plan, schedule and complete work in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Technical guidance and drawings service to assist at planning stage.


Specification advice to identify the correct product for the risk.


Protecting our historic properties from fire.


Helping residential, commercial and industrial building owners to mitigate their fire risks.


Fully qualified Fire Engineers to help with the your fire strategy requirement and ongoing fire risk assessment needs thoughtout the life cycle of your building.


EA-RS Passive Fire Protection will only ever use a single manufacturer system to create the perfect penetration and linear seal in your building. Ensuring your legal obligations / compliance with certified tested systems.